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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Pre-Med and Key Requirements for a Medical School !

What is pre-med? When people say that they’re pre-med, what does that actually mean? If you’re planning to attend a med-school and become a doctor, it’s important that you understand the definition of pre-med and what you should be doing as a pre-med student.

Read on to learn what it really means to be a pre-med, what you should be focusing on to get into med school, and what the best majors for pre-meds are and why.

What Does Pre-Med Mean?

“Pre-med” is the term people use to show that they want to go to a med-school and are taking the classes they need to get there. It’s primarily used by college students. There isn’t actually a major called “pre-med;” pre-med is just a term to let people know you have plans to be a doctor. You can be a biology major and a pre-med, a Spanish major and a pre-med, etc.

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